Downloadable Documents

There are eight downloadable documents available to you here. I've posted them for two reasons.

First, all could be valuable to you as a leader. And second, they give you insight into how I think when I’m wearing my executive coach or group leader hat. Here’s the list; it’s divided into two sets:

Coaching aides

I make these four documents available to my coaching clients to help them set priorities, plan and prepare for our one to ones.

  • Powerful questions for one to one coaching sessions: Try using some of these questions in your own coaching sessions.
  • Have, Want, Don’t Have: I got this from Lou Russell, one of my group members. It’s a terrific thought starter for planning and goal setting sessions.
  • One to one prep form: I send this out in advance of my coaching sessions; it’s helps the “coachee” prepare.
  • Goal setting template: Bryan Neale, another of my group members shared this with me. I use it to plan my work; I also use it in monthly sessions with my accountability partner.

Thought stimulators

These four docs are examples of the kinds of things I copy and put in the folders of my members every month at our group meetings.

  • Firing Someone: What They Don’t Teach You in B-School. The author’s right; I didn’t learning any thing about firing someone in B-School.
  • Seven Personality Traits of Top Salespeople. One way or another, we’re all salespeople. How many of these traits do you possess?
  • What a Good Coach Does. I found this in the Wall Street Journal; the actor, David Duchovny, wrote it. I use it in coaching sessions and it always provokes a thoughtful conversation.
  • Send the Jerks Packing. This article is a favorite of mine. It’s from BusinessWeek On Line. It has an attention-getting title and it’s good advice.

If you have questions about any of these, please call me.