Websites I Recommend

These are the five blogs/web sites I follow regularly; they're a good barometer of what interests me.

Ferdinand Porsche Magazine – This is the Facebook page for Ferdinand Porsche Magazine. I’m a gear head and I love Porsches. The photography on this site is gorgeous; if you like cars, you’ll like this site. – Anyone who reads this blog is clearly a geek. I’ve been a fan of Gary Becker since he heard him lecture at the University of Chicago in the mid-1970s. Becker and Posner’s points of view are decidedly libertarian; their blog is a great example of the University of Chicago’s mantra, “ideas matter.” – I admire really smart people who can articulate their point-of-view effectively. Amity Shlaes is such a person. I heard her speak when she addressed the Economic Club luncheon in Indianapolis and I visit her web site regularly to read her columns. Her book, The Forgotten Man is very good. – This is the very readable blog of two economists, Don Boudreaux and Russ Roberts. If you believe in free markets, you’ll like it. – Steven Pressfield is an author best known for the novel, “The Legend of Bagger Vance.” He’s also the author of “The War of Art,” one of the books I recommend. I read his blog, Writing Wednesdays every week.