Do other Executive Coaches have Fiona Wienerdog?

Meet Fiona Wienerdog; she’s a piebald dachshund and Mike’s only employee.

Whenever Mike receives a notice from the Indiana Department of Employee Development with instructions to “post this where all employees can see it” he tapes it on the wall above Fiona’s water bowl. He’s promised to make her a partner if she quits barking when he’s on the phone.

In June of 2007, Fiona received an invitation to join Cambridge Who’s Who Executive and Professional Registry. She ranks this and her invitation to join the Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce as the highest of the many honors and awards she’s received. Fiona is famous for her office pranks. Early in 2007, she took out a subscription to The Economist – and paid for it with Mike’s credit card.

To reach Fiona, send your email to