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The Office Jerk

Monday, March 17th, 2014 | By: Mike Donahue

One of this year’s pleasant surprises has been renewing my friendship with my high school buddy Aloysius “No Sweat” Kosinski after our chance meeting at Chicago O’Hare in January. Since then, we’ve carried on a steady stream of conversations via email, text messaging and phone. And I’ve used some of those conversations as a basis for blogs I’ve posted. I’ve gotten quite a few comments from my group members and…

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Prepare to Squirm: No Sweat Quotes Edwin Friedman

Monday, February 24th, 2014 | By: Mike Donahue

When I was 15, sitting in my high school cafeteria eating lunch with my pal No Sweat Kosinski, I never dreamed that half a century into the future we’d be carrying on philosophical conversations about leadership. That’s what happened last week when we discovered that we both had read Edwin Friedman’s book A Failure of Nerve. Friedman had three careers rolled into one. Besides being a successful writer, he was…

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